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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"An exceedingly beautiful disc that I have no hesitation in making my record of the year" - Gramophone



"Combining musicians from classical and traditional backgrounds, the music often had a theatrical flair and alternated between careful scoring for the talented forces that Rooke put together. The diversity of styles and kaleidoscope of sounds cohered surprisingly well to make a satisfying whole." The Scotsman.


The Times: "the most exciting thing.... was watching the cast beaming with pride at the joy of their collective endeavour. Things like that might prove to be the festival’s biggest legacy.” 

The Herald: "Rooke’s clever episodic score used stories of the town’s past and referenced the styles of other opera composers in an hour long life-lesson about how we are all the product of our history, community and environment. The non-professionals were terrific, and some were very young indeed, and huge plaudits go to baritone Andrew McTaggart and mezzo Penelope Cousland for their consummate mastery of very demanding lead roles.”







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